A Face Lift can role you back by a decade!

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Face lift also known as Rhytidectomy is a process which helps to improve the signs of aging, especially the surplus skin, in the lower half of the face. The extra skin from the cheeks and also from corners of the lips towards the neck level is also removed

 How does face lift correct the aging factors?  There is a popular mistaken belief about facelifts that it can wholly remove the signs of aging from all over the face but it isn’t true.

To put it in simpler words, a facelift is designed to correct problems in the lower half of the face such as poor muscle tone (which causes laxity in the neck and cheek regions), excess amounts of fat in the chin , and neck regions and lastly to get rid of the extra skin in the lower half of the face resulting in excessive wrinkling.

There is no particular age to get the face lift procedure done. This procedure is also combined by experienced surgeons with that of face resurfacing. Facelift surgery is more often tailored as per the patients needs.

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