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At Doctor and Care our TEAM has visualised to help patients to reach the RIGHT doctors at the RIGHT place and if need be across borders to get the RIGHT treatment at the RIGHT price. We sincerely hope to make this practical.

Our aim is to help you connect to the right doctor that fits your health care requirements.

The team at Doctor and Care is of individuals who are in the medical field and truly understand how to deliver the best healthcare to you. They have "hands-on” experience with medicine and equally good to know how the medical system works.

How we work:

1. Receive your online query.
2. Check your requirement and write back to you after consultation with our team.
3. Necessary photographs, case study of past (as per need) is asked for and passed on to the nearest/reputed doctor.
4. Opinion by doctor is conveyed to you and depending on individual case requirement, doctor or his team calls up/emails you.
5. Team at Doctor and Care keeps in touch until the patient and doctor are totally comfortable and start direct interaction.

Our concern is for the safety and well-being of our patients throughout the entire process.

Disclaimer: Doctor and Care only suggests doctors/hospitals and it is SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of individuals to choose/decide if they are satisfied with the doctor/hospital to undergo the treatment/surgery/procedure with them.

Patient Testimonials

"Amazing", this is the way I would define the way team at Doctor and Care takes care of your queries. I underwent hair transplant through them all the way from Trichy(Tamil Nadu) to Bangalore and it was just as comfortable as feeling at one's home place. The communication was spot on and all went well. Great work!"

Maru Muthu, Trichy - Tamil Nadu

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